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Centralized lubrication system-Technodrop Engineers

  • Reduce friction
  • Reduce wear
  • Absorb shock
  • Reduce temperature*
  • Minimize corrosion


Lubricant (Webster's Dictionary definition): A substance, e.g., grease, oil, soap, etc., that when introduced between solid surfaces which move over one another, reduces resistance to movement, heat production and wear by forming a fluid film between the surfaces.


In order to lubricate successfully, a basic understanding of a lubricant's function is necessary. A lubricant, whether it is oil or grease, can at any time perform up to six basic functions simultaneously.

Reduce Temperature

A major benefit of reduced friction is reduction in operating temperature. Caution must be observed in the overall assessment here. Because excessive lubricant may cause fluid friction, which may in turn raise the temperature.

Assuming that the correct quantities of lubricant are used, lubricants can be an excellent dissipater of heat, especially in re-circulative oil (or splash oil) systems where the oil is passed over the moving part – where it not only lubricates, but also absorbs the heat and returns to the reservoir where it cools before recommencing the cycle. (Sometimes it is necessary to pump the lubricant through oil cooler, which will allow for a smaller reservoir.)

Why Lubrication ?

In today's Civilisation Machine are the instruments in development and are very important aspects of industries world over. Lubrication plays an important part in maintenance of plant and machinery, increasing the machine productivity and life. Lubrication can be considered as the food and water, for machines, as we can do without food and water, for a very minimum time, so also the machine requires it's lubrication for survival of it's parts in proper quantity and regular intervals.

Why Centralized Lubrication Systems ?

The old method of employing personnel to lubricate different parts of the machine has its disadvantages, like it needs to employ special trained personnel, there is wastage of precious petroleum products (Oil or Grease), Machine has to be stopped so that lubrication is done, thereby causing loss of machine time and man-hours and many other.

Now Centralized Lubrication Systems can maintain

  • Appropriate Oil Consumption
  • Variable Oil Dosages
  • Enhanced Machine Life
  • Elimination of Human Error
  • Increased Reliability
  • Increased Production
  • Low Noise Level
  • Less Power Consumption
  • Less Wear & Tear
  • SAFE, No Need to stop M/c
  • Reduced Spares/Inventory Costs
  • Overall Increased Profitability

The Advantages of Centralized lubrication systems

  • Easy to operate & User Friendly, as all points once connected can be lubricated by a single point located at a convenient, accessible position.
  • Lubrication is achieved Equally to all points, including hard to reach, irrespective of its piping and back pressure due to its high pressure rating (300 bar).
  • The device distributes Lubricant in optioned quantity. Under or excessive lubrication is eliminated there by saving Precious Oils.
  • Machine becomes more efficient with less wear and tear of parts as reliance on labor for lubrication is avoided. Hence there's no error or negligence.
  • Avoids Accidents due to oil spillage, manual or by negligence, keeping work place and machine Clean.
  • Modernizes our machine.
  • Maintenance of machine can be less periodic, thus increasing production and reducing man hours, since proper Lubrication is guaranteed.
  • Protects processed items (cloth, rubber, cement etc.) and avoids rejection due to overspill of lubricant or negligence.
  • Economical as it has a Long life due to its metal-to-metal sealing.
  • No loss in production, Safe and Maintenance free of the world.
  • No Separate pump to operate this device is require, simple grease gun can also make this block work, as the lubricant feed itself, operates it.
  • A Combination makes it possible for a various flow output in multiples of O.2cc & also odd nos. of outlets is possible.

Basically the Oiling system comprises of five elements

  • PUMP – A central source of Oil Pressure in Lubrication Line.
  • METERING CARTRIDGES – A MINI-Cylinder with Check Valve, where stroke of Piston determines amount of dispensed Oil. Designed for Intermittent operation by pressurizing & de-pressurizing of LUB Line.
  • MANIFOLDS – Steel Blocks for mounting Metering Cartridges and for Main line distribution.
  • TUBINGS & FITTINGS – Available for transmitting OIL in main and secondary line.
  • TIMERS & CONTROLLERS – High performance Solid State Instrument for Automatic Control & Monitoring of Motorized Centralized Lubrication Unit.

Progressive Lubrication System – Grease Systems

This System basically comprises :

  • 1) PUMPING UNIT - It can be manually operated, pneumatically operated or motorized. The function of this pump is, to deliver calculated amount of grease on each stroke of the handle/pneumatic cycle/minute.
  • 2) PROGRESSIVE - BLOCK This valve is meant for dividing quantity of incoming grease to calculated amount coming out from different outlets. It can be selected from different sizes defined by number of outlets.
  • 3) TUBING - Steel tube/hose is used for flow of grease from outlet of the pump to the progressive block. Different outlets of the progressive blocks to the machine lubrication points normally tube/hose 6 OD x 4ID is used while for main line 10 OD X 81D.

Selection of the Type of System is Required

There are many systems that are available in centralized lubrication systems. Our engineer checks on all the details of the system, some points that decide on the type of system to be installed are as follows, to give a fair idea of the system the customer is required to answer the basic questions.

Which are as follows :

  • Type of machine on which lubrication is required? With make if possible?
  • Whether Grease, Oil or Mist lubrication is required?
  • The grade of oil or Grease to be used? Eg NLGI 1, Enklo 68
  • The quantity of lubricant required for each point?
  • What is the drive that is required Manual/Pneumatic/ Electrical/Hydraulic?
  • If electric drive required single phase/three phase/ DC required? with HP
  • Is Automation required?
  • No of points to be lubricated?
  • The approximate distance of each point from each other?
  • Total length of the machine
  • Atmospheric conditions near the machine? Like eg. A furnace will have very high temp near it. Whether the same is true for the machine to be lubricated or not?
  • Is plan for the location of pump, divider valves etc available or the same have to be studied and designed by us?
  • Any other point required to be mentioned by you as regards the machinery to be lubricated?

The above questionnaire will help our engineers in designing the best system for your requirement.

Applications of Our Products

Lubrication of one point is done by Single point lubricators, However, if there are more than one point to be lubricated, a Centralized lubrication System is used.

This makes our systems highly useful for machines like CNC machines, packing machinery, lube systems, machine tools, overhead cranes and earthmoving equipment, material handling equipment, chassis of a vehicle, presses/cranes and forced lubrication systems.

These Machines find wide application in the following industries:

  • Steel Industries
  • Earth moving equipment
  • Overhead Cranes
  • Packaging industries
  • Cement industries
  • Paper Industries
  • Textile Industries including looms, stenters, texturising machinery, etc.
  • Sugar Industries
  • Plastic Processing Industries
  • Power Presses
  • Presses
  • Filling machinery for Beverage industry
  • Milling machinery
  • Tyre machinery
  • Other Machineries

Warranty Criteria

Techno Drop Engg. Systems promises to provide One Year ON SPOT warranty for every supplies and installation for any technical defects.

Installation Procedures

The Centralized lubrication fitting can only be done when the total functioning of the machine is stopped. The company will provide accommodation and food to our two fitters. We also want to request you kindly to provide accommodation inside the campus so that they can work at least 10-12 hours a day.

We are specialized in : industrial lubricating and lubrication pumps, machinery lubricating and lubrication equipment, lube systems, lube devices, machine oilers, oil pumps, lubricating devices, Mist Lubricators, Spray Lubricators, Automatic Cyclic Pumps, Constant Level Oilers, Chain Lubrication and Lubricating Devices, Pneumatic Lubricating Systems and Air Line Lubrication devices.

Our organization is a ONE STOP SHOP for lubricating equipment for vehicles, plant and machinery. We undertake designing, pre sales service, manufacture, supply, installation, after sales service, repairs, and annual maintenance contracts of all types of lubrication systems however critical it may be, and to customer satisfaction.


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