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Pneumatic / Hydraulic Piston Pump

Pneumatic / Hydraulic Piston Pump

(Aluminum, / Transparent) Reservoir Cap. 0.60Ltr., Discharge-6cc per stroke, Air input 5-7 kg/Cm2 Pr. Setting-15Kg/Cm2.

(Aluminum, / Transparent) Reservoir Cap.2 Ltr., Discharge-6cc per stroke, Air input 5-7 Kg/Cm2.

(Aluminum, / Transparent) Reservoir Cap. 0.60 Ltr., Discharge -6cc per stroke input HY. Pr. -15Kg/Cm2Pr. setting 20 Kg/Cm2.

(Aluminum, / Transparent) Reservoir Cap. 2Ltr., Discharge-6cc per stroke input Hy.Pr.15-20 Kg/Cm2Pr. Setting 20 Kg/Cm2.